Is My Car Insurance Void Without Mot

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Drivers, Travelers, Road Traffic Act, Insurance, Mot, Tax, Police.Car insurance is something we all pay out hundreds of pounds for every year. You might think you are protected for loss if your car is stolen or damaged but there are a number of things that can.

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Dec 03, 2013  · My car needs an MOT and right now its on a SORN because im waiting for my paycheck so I can get insurance, my question is as follows: i know that you need an MOT before you can insure your car but to get my car to its MOT I would have to have it insured?

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It is against the law to drive any vehicle without MOT, and it is important to know without a valid MOT your car insurance is void. The new changes are being brought in to obey the European Union Road worthiness Package.

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Jan 09, 2012  · Your MOT expires on the 8th, so the car shouldn’t be driven on the road (officially) after that date – whether your MOT is booked for the 14th January or the 14th June doesn’t matter. Gaz ,

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My car was written off and as such, the insurance company wanted all the documents for it, including the MOT. Mine, like yours, was a complete accident insofar as I’d forgotten to renew the MOT. They’d already made me an offer. When I told them what had happened, they simply adjusted the offer so that it represented the value of my car without an MOT.

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technical note on motor insurance – keys in car. the insurance contract 4. was the consumer made aware of the exclusion? We expect insurers to clearly highlight their "keys in car" exclusion when the policy is sold (or the exclusion introduced).

Insurance not void – if this was the case then they could have seized the car. Insurance company would have to prove that the car was not roadworthy to lessen the cover but cannot “void” , a car could be unroadworthy the day after a fresh MOT.

Or, if your friend forgot to renew his driver’s license and was cited for driving without a license after an accident that could be considered serious by his car insurance provider. Having a valid license is required by the terms of some car insurance policies for the coverages to remain intact.

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Motor insurance laws have changed, and even an unused vehicle that is sitting in your garage gathering dust must now be covered by insurance – unless you have registered it.

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Dec 23, 2009  · Best Answer: If the car is un-taxed then yes, the insurance is invalid. If it was SORNED, you would need to tell the insurance company. The car does NOT automatically become SORNED if you don’t pay your tax, you must also inform the DVLA if you want it to be.

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Aug 24, 2007  · If your car is liable for testing, you must hold an NCT Certificate and you are required by law to place the NCT disc on the inside of your windscreen alongside your.

Oct 28, 2014  · Your insurance will be void if you don’t have a valid mot on the car so u highly doubt our insurance will be paying out and that will be up to you. Last edited by Jakki.; 15-03-13. I already have 6 points fir driving without insurance (my ex partner told me the car was covered on his traders policy and it wsn’t) and 3 points for using a.

In the event of an accident, your vehicle insurance policy would be void without a valid MOT certificate. Receive Complimentary MOT Protection* As a valued Audi owner, you can also benefit from MOT Protection when your vehicle has its MOT test.

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Your car will feel the road, that is for sure. a violation of your rental contract as that would be considered driving it.

5. Driving without MOT is NOT a good idea. Forgetting your keys and keeping your insurer in the loop is one thing, or two in this case. But driving without an MOT is something else. Some insurers will invalidate your cover if you’re driving without an MOT. Claims could be refused if your car isn’t deemed to be maintained in a “roadworthy condition”.

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